McMinnville Track Club

It’s time for Cross Country!

Spring 2017 Track season has come to an end with tons of great PRs for all our athletes. Now, we’re looking for cross country runners! 

If you already registered for track this spring, then your McMinnville Track Club membership covers the cross country season too! If you didn’t compete with us on the track, you can still join cross county this Fall. Just fill out the registration form on our How to Join page and pay the $50 fee.

How to Get Ready for XC

For returning athletes, check out our post on the Updates page for practice info.

If you are new to cross country, we suggest evaluating your endurance by running the bark track loop at Linfield or Joe Dancer park (1.5 miles).  You should be able to complete the whole loop without walking by the time formal practices start (September).  If you can complete the whole loop, GREAT!!!!, join us for some  informal group runs this August – contact us for more info. If not, use the month of August to increase your endurance. Start with a run / walk program – run as long as you can, walk for 30 seconds, and repeat. Cut down the walk time at least 10 seconds each week until you can run the whole loop (1.5 miles) without stopping. The key here is PACE!!!  Pick a pace that you can maintain. This is not a sprint.

Like track, middle school and high school athletes should compete with their school team during the school season and join up with McMinnville Track Club after the school season is finished.

Also like track, all athletes get to race at the State meet with a chance to advance to Regionals and Nationals.

USATF Race Distances: 
8 and under race 2K
9-12 race 3K
13-14 race 4K
15-18 race 5K